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2nd EANS Trauma & Critical Care Update Meeting

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presidents of the congress

John T. Povlishock

Franco Servadei 

honorary presidents

Tamas Doczi

Francesco Tomasello 

scientific committee

Andras Buki

Antonino Germanò

Niklas Marklund 

organizing committee

Filippo Flavio Angileri

Gaetano Buda

Fabio Cacciola

Maria Caffo

Salvatore Massimiliano Cardali

Alfredo Conti

Francesco Saverio De Ponte

Felice Esposito

Giovanni Raffa  

local committee

Concetta Alafaci

Gerardo Caruso

Maria Francesca Falcone

Patrizia Fiore

Maria Giusa

Goffredo Gravina

Sebastiano Lucerna

Marcello Passalacqua

Daniele Sacco 

Thursday October 3, 2019

scientific program
room A

8:00-8:30 Welcome 

8.30 - 10.00
I. Basic Pathomechanisms (Lectures 12 min + Key Note 20 min)
Chair: F. Tomasello, T. Doczi, P. Cappabianca

Title Speaker
Patophysiology of Intracranial HypertensionM. Czosnyka 
The Role of Mitochondria on TBI PathophysiologyS. Signoretti 
Oligodendroglia in TBIN. Marklund
Preclinical Studies on Pathophysiology of TBIH Bramlett 
Biomarkers in Preclinical Research K. Wang 
Key Note Lecture : Role of Neuroinflammation and its Resolution in TBI
S. Cuzzocrea 

open coffee

scientific program
room A

10.10 - 11.30
II. Models, Databases in Translational Research (Lectures 12 min + Key Note 20 min)
Chair: F. Servadei, L. Califano, T. Khan

Title Speaker
Multivariate Projection Method A.T. Mazzeo
Neurotrauma Models and Their Relevance M. Risling
Pharmacological Lab Research in TBI- What is in the Pipeline?A. Unterberg
Databases in Preclinical and Clinical TBID. Agoston
Key Note Lecture: The Role of Laboratory-Developed Tests in the Assessment of Brain Injury and Disease
R.L. Hayes  

scientific program
room A

11.40 - 12.40
II. Models, Databases in Translational Research (Lectures 12 min + Key Note 20 min)
Chair: M. Scerrati, A. Pompucci, D. d’Avella

Title Speaker
A Critical Appraisal of Biomarker Platforms S. Mondello
Development of a Serum Biobank and Preliminary Biomarker Investigations in a Large Scale International TBI Study
E. Czeiter
DAI Made VisibleA. Potapov
Imaging Detected Changes and their Relationships  to Biomarker Discovery 
R. Diaz-Arrastia

special lecture

12.40 - 13.00
Global Perspective in TBI
F. Servadei

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch

scientific program
room A

14.00 - 15.00
Recommendations and Guidelines (Lectures 12 min)
Chair: A. Lavano, F. Zenga, N. Marklund

Title Speaker
Identification and Implementation of Best Practices in the Treatment of TBI- The Chinese Experience
L. Yang
Clinical Recommendations for DCC. Iaccarino
Improving Outcomes in TBI PatientsA. Valadka
Functional Changes and Cranioplasty During Rehabilitation R. Formisano

scientific program
room A

15.00 - 16.30
Short Communications (5 min)
Chair: A. Buki, L. Denaro, D. Solari

Cranial Reconstruction Following Decompressive Craniectomy: Neuropsychological Aspect and AssessmentA. Kravchuk et al; Russia
Cervical Spine Injuries in Elements with Sport’s ActivityN. Syrmos et al; Greece
Cranioplasty: Our Experience in the Last 4 Years with the CryopreservationC. De Simone et al; Italy
Sinking Bullet Syndrome: a Unique Case of Transhemispheric MigrationL. Augusto; USA
The Role of Neck Positioning in ICP ControlG. Petrella et al; Italy
Our Experience of Using Guidelines in Treatment of TBI in ChildrenZ. Semenova et al
Brain and Memory Changes in Long Term Survivors of Severe Non Missile Traumatic Brain Injury 1 Vs 8 Years: a Voxel-Based Morphometry Follow-Up StudyS. Nigro et al; Italy
Antiplatelet and Anticoagulants Drugs in mTBI PatientsC. Zoia et al, Italy
Anticoagulants Therapy and mTBI PatientsC. Zoia et al, Italy
Acute Alcohol Intoxication in mTBI PatientsC. Zoia et al, Italy
Resolution and Treatment of Traumatic Brain and Spine Injuries in Primary Health Care UnitN. Syrmos et al; Greece
Specialties of Childhood Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in the South Pannonian Regions D. Szellàr et al, Hungary
The Use of Synthetic Hydroxyapatite (Custom Bone) in Reconstructive Surgery of Skull Defects in ChildrenA. Marshintsev et al, Russia
miRNA circulating after moderate TBIM. Aguennouz et al, Italy
A Monocentric Prospective Observational Study on Outcome of Patients with Moderate/Severe TBI (TBI-Pro): Preliminary Results of 225 PatientsP. Gritti et al, Italy

Opening Ceremony
Thursday October 3, 2019


Rector UniMe (S. Cuzzocrea)

CEO Policlinico G. Martino University Hospital (G. Laganga)

President WFNS (F. Servadei)

Damiano Foundation TBI Research Educational Grant

Grant Awarded to a Young Neurosurgeon

19:00 – 19:40

John T. PovlishockLectio Magistralis

Francesco TomaselloLectio Magistralis


Dinner: A Taste of Sicilian Music, Wines, Cheeses, Prosciutto and Desserts

Friday October 4, 2019

scientific program
room A

8.30 - 10.30
Reconstruction and Restoration – Brain injury (Lectures 12 min)
Chair: R. Ghardipour, M. Munari, K. Rotim

Title Speaker
Resiliency in Severe TBIG. Bonanno
Memory and Anatomical Changes in Severe Non Missile TBI: 1 Vs 8 Yrs of Follow-up 
F. Tomaiuolo
Behavioural Outcomes and Emotional Regulation Following TBIM. Quattropani
Airway and Nutrition Management in Severe TBIO. Piazza
Early Vs Late Cranial Reconstruction Following TBIH. Mee
Cranioplasty After TBI Using 3D Additive Manufacturing of Customized Implants: Current and Future Perspectives B. Splavski
Endoscopic transnasal-transorbital approaches to the orbit: how we do itA. Karligkiotis
Endocrinological ReconstructionF. Ferraù
NeuroanesthesiaS. Robicsek

open coffee

scientific program
room A

10.30 - 12.05
Reconstruction and Restoration – Spinal Cord Injury (Lectures 12 min + Key Note 20 min)
Chair: G. Barbagallo, A. Demetriades, V. Denaro

Title Speaker
Concomitant Traumatic Cranio-Spinal Injury and Modern Approaches for Spinal Reconstruction
A. Demetriades
Biotechnologies and Biomaterials for Spinal ReconstructionR. Papalia
New Techniques in Spinal Reconstruction for Compression Fractures
N. Francaviglia
Spinal Reconstruction. Where Are We Now? A. Raco
Viable C5 and C6 Proximal Stump Use in Reconstructive Surgery of the Adult Brachial Plexus Traction Injuries
L. Rasulic
Key Note Lecture : The Role of Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering in Promoting Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury
D. Dietrich

scientific program
room A

12.10 - 13.30
Post-Traumatic Hydrocephalus and Other TBI Scenarios (Lectures 12 min + Key Note 20 min)
Chair: A. Belli, P. De Marinis, A. Sik

Title Speaker
Pediatric TBI – Pathomechanisms/Differences with AdultsT. Kapapa
The Changing Face of TBI Slong the Different Ages of the LifeA. Chieregato 
Post-Traumatic HydrocephalusZ. Czosnyka
Hydrodynamic Consequences after TBI K. Fountas 
Key Note Lecture : Inequalities of Care: are They a Destiny?A. Maas 

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