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  • Check in your presentation at least 3 hours before your talk in the Speaker Ready Room. Early Thursday morning speakers are kindly asked to send their presentation online at
  • Opening times Spekers ready Room: 7:00 - 16:00
  • Show up at the session 5-10 minutes before the session begins and confirm your presence to the Chair Person.
  • The Chair Person will describe the method he or she will use to alert you in case you exceed the time limit of your presentation. Please keep the time that has been foreseen for your talk! The congress has a very tight schedule.
  • A computer will be provided on stage. By using the computer mouse, choose your presentation and click on it. In case the presentation of the previous speaker is still on the screen, click on the Escape (Esc) button on the keyboard to close it and then open your own presentation as described before.
  • Calculate 2-3- minutes for Q&A in your dedicated time of talk.
  • Presentation Format PowerPoint is the presentation programme available in all session halls. For more information, see below.
  • No other devices, personal computers etc. than the ones provided in the session halls are allowed for presentations.
  • All presentations are loaded into a PowerPoint handling system that will store and distribute your presentation to the session hall in time for your session.
  • The professional staff at the Speaker Ready Room will load your presentation into the system so that it will be available on the computer in your session hall when you come to speak.
  • The PowerPoint handling and distribution system is optimized for MS PowerPoint 2016 (Office 2016) and "*.pdf" (Adobe Acrobat)-files. The uploading of "DVD-Movies" is not supported.
  • The supported data media is USB-Memory (Stick). All needed files - also the movie files(!) - have to be on the data media.
  • The fonts that are used in the presentations need to be latin-based fonts. If you need special fonts, they should be stored as "embedded fonts" with the presentation (File -> save as "name of presentation" and under "tools" ->save options mark the checkbox "embed True type fonts" and select "embed all characters").
  • When using mathematical symbols please use these which are available under Latin fonts (unicode or DOS: Western Europe). These can be shown without any problems in Office 2013.
  • Format for embedded movies: "mp4" and "wmv" are preferred , any other format may work or may be converted to an optimized format (may take some time!)
  • Presentations should be saved as "*.ppt", "*.pptx" (= PowerPoint) or "*.pps",*.ppsx" (=PowerPoint Slideshow) - file and movies might be separate files on the data media (if not embedded).
  • Overhead projection, slide projection or flipchart are not available.
  • All computers and projectors will be set up and optimised for 4:3 ratio (mostly 1024x768 resolution). Please catch up these specifications to have a well prepared presentation.
These guidelines should be seen as a matter of improving the effectiveness of the Speaker Ready Room upload and, as a consequence, will result in a higher efficacy for the speakers

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