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WFNS NeuroTraumatology Committee
WFNS NeuroRehabilitation Committee


Tariq Khan (WFNS Neurotraumatology Committee Chairman)

Massimiliano Visocchi (WFNS Neurorehabilitation & Reconstructive Neurosurgery Committee Chairman Elect)

Antonino Germanò

scientific committee

Filippo Flavio Angileri

Salvatore Massimiliano Cardali

Alfredo Conti

Felice Esposito

Thursday October 3, 2019
WFNS NeuroRehabilitation Committee

scientific program
room B

9:20 Welcome

9.30 - 10.40
I. Spinal Reconstruction (Lectures 10 min)
Chair: P. Ciappetta, M. Tomei, S. Tumbiolo

Title Speaker
Cervical Spine Reconstruction J. Zhong
CVJ Reconstruction in Trauma M. Visocchi
Spinal Reconstruction in Elderly PatientsM. Zileli
 Fiber-Tracking Reconstruction in SCI G. Innocenzi
Lumbar Spinal Reconstruction in TraumaA. Barbanera
3D Conduits for Neural Transdifferentiation and Stem Cell Transplantation in Reconstruction in Spinal Cord Lesions
C. Steyn

scientific program
room B

10.40 - 12.20
II. Craniocerebral Reconstruction (Lectures 10 min)
Chair: G Barbagallo, G. Nicoletti, A. Delitala

Title Speaker
Modern Neurosurgical Techniques of Cranial Reconstruction A. Olivi
Osteointegration in Cranial Recostruction R. Stefini
New Strategies for Diagnosis and Recovery Monitoring of Brain Concussion
F. Pastore 
Indications and Risks of Deep Brain Stimulation for Persistent Vegetative State
M. Mehdorn
Ultrasound MR-Guided for the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Tremor G. Iacopino
Experience on Surgical Treatment for Post-Traumatic EpilepsyG. Broggi
Vagal Nerve Stimulation in Post-Traumatic EpilepsyA. Lavano
R. Marotta
Endoscopic Reconstruction of CSF Pathways in HydrocephalusP. Oppido


14.00 - 15.00 
Chair: D. Garbossa, F. Di Meco, F. De Ponte

Title Speaker
MEDTRONIC - Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy: Basic Principles and Preliminary ExperienceG. Cinalli
INTEGRA: How Neuromonitoring Can Help to Decide on Decompressive Hemicraniectomy?J.-F. Payen
AMS GROUP/AS MEDICALI: New Frontiers in CranioplastyG. Ibrahim 

scientific program
room B

15.00 - 16.40
IV. Burning Questions in Recontruction
Chair: J. Zhong, M. Mehedorn, R. De Falco

Title Speaker
Education in NeurosurgeryF. Tomasello
Cranial Reconstruction Between Art and PrinciplesL. Santi
Endoscopy in Reconstructive Procedures D. Locatelli
Cranioplasty: Timing and Materials
G.L. Zona
New Trends in CNS Stimulation R. Ricciuti
Spinal Reconstruction after TraumaP. Ciappetta
CBF Reconstruction in Post-Traumatic HydrocephalusC. Anile
New Technology in Cranioplasty: Titanium Electron Beam Melting (EBM) 3D PrintD. La Torre
Final RemarksM. Visocchi
M. Mehdorn

Friday October 4, 2019
WFNS NeuroTrauma & Critical Care Committee

scientific program
room B

9:20 Welcome

9.30 - 10.30 Session I (Lectures 15 min)
Chair: C. Iaccarino, A. Buki

Title Speaker
WFNS and Education in LMICsF. Servadei
TBI CENTRE and International Collaboration A. Maas   
ICP Monitoring : What is a Dangerously High ICP?
N. Marklund
Neurotrauma in Developing CountriesT. Khan

scientific program
room B

10:30 - 11.30 Session II  (Lectures 15 min)
Chair: F. Servadei, A. Maas

Title Speaker
Decompressive Cranictomies RevisitedK. Fountas
Decompressive Cranictomies in LMICsC. Iaccarino
Traumatic Brain Injuries in Hungary: Lessons Learned from Recent StudiesA. Buki

scientific program
room B

11.30 - 12.20 Session III (Lectures 15 min)
Chair: B. Splavaski, N. Marklund

Title Speaker
Spinal Trauma : A Third World Perspective  A. A. Shah
Posttraumatic Seizures H. Mee   
Significance of Cerebral Ventriculraphic BiomarkersB. Splavski

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